SabzKoosh Negin started its activities in 1994 (1373 in Iranian calendar) and by obtaining GOLF product representation from Gutbrod Germany, was able to take steps in the field of agricultural machinery, horticulture and green spaces. Obtaining the exclusive representations of well-known companies such as GGP, BCS, and Italy''''s EUROSYSTEM, as well as Gutbrod, AS, MTD, and WEIMA China and offering their products along with after-sales service, indicate the increasing success of this company.



We plan to produce the best quality machineries, therefore the development and completion of two-wheel tractors and other related accessories such as rotavators, mowers, sprayers, generators, and other facilities needed in the country have been included in our short-term and medium-term goals and We''''ve been able to reach a significant progress in SKN and are now able to produce micron sprayers, motorized lawnmowers, and motorized wood chippers.


 We always have a hand in business and the other hand in production and pursuing quality goals in business. In this regard, We refrain from competing in providing cheap goods and believe that maximum quality should be considered in the field of trade because farmers are craftsmen and professionals and it is necessary to provide them with professional tools, otherwise the damage will be irrecoverable.



After sales service and support

Preparing and organizing more than 6000 spare parts as after-sales service is one of the characteristics of SKN, which is a very difficult task and can only be achieved by believing in commitment to after-sales service. So many spare parts of the machines sold in the last 10 years can also be seen in the warehouse. Also, the presence of the trained, educated and experienced professionals who support the costumers at any time from decision-making to post purchasing and give them assurance is one of the strengths of our company.



Branding and International expansion

SKN brand, today, after about 30 years of experience in the field of gardening and agricultural machinery, is proud to be able to influence the most distant villages and cities of all the provinces of the country by its name, as well as Iraq, Afghanistan and Tajikistan (through the BCS brand). Providing after-sales services in all these areas is one of the honors of SabzKoosh Nagin Company, which is possible only with the continuous and compassionate efforts of all our personnel from the highest to the lowest level.


The prospect of SabzKoosh Negin

We plan to achieve sustainable development based on high quality production and to be recognized as the most excellent supplier of agricultural and  garden machines in the market. In line with this, the completion of the domestic production line of two-wheeled tractors and all related equipment including generators, car wash machines, sprayer pumps, rakes and other equipment as well as the expansion of the production of motorized and electric manual lawn mowers, has been included in our program and we evaluate our progress by diversifying the product portfolio. Our company considers maintaining job security, establishing a culture of citizenship behavior and achieving organizational maturity in human resources perspective. The representatives of  SKN throughout the country are the branches of us; Therefore, it is necessary to increase the number of committed and loyal agents with certain contracts in all places where the company''''s products are used.


The mission of SabzKoosh Negin

The existence philosophy of SabzKoosh Negin company is to produce high quality and wide range of products, in addition to conducting business and commercial affairs with other international producers to supply the highest quality and most diverse products at the highest level to Iranian farmers and gardeners. Basically, in the existing market environment, We forget the competition in providing cheap goods and only strive for higher quality for the services and products provided. Extensive supply of spare parts, providing after-sales services and warranty for all the products supplied are among the commitments of SabzKoosh Negin which guarantees the satisfaction of our customers and distinguishes our company from other competitors. The missions of SabzKoosh Negin are summarized in:

  • Expanding the variety of products and services according to the needs of the market and target customers.
  • Increasing customer loyalty for a stable presence in the market.
  • Increasing activity in the research and development sector to lead in production technologies and differentiate in quality.
  • Low profit with high sales to gain market share.
  • Establishment of the SKN brand.


SabzKoosh Negin company is responsible and committed towards its employees for benefiting from welfare and health, towards customers for the right to choose their suitable product and obtain maximum satisfaction, and towards the country of Iran in reducing fruitless and unreasonable imports and increasing domestic production with excellent quality.



The values of SabzKoosh Nagin


One of the characteristics of SKN is paying attention to quality and avoiding competition in the field of trade with the condition of reducing quality, and we always try to keep the quality level high and acceptable.


As stated earlier, the provision of after-sales services and the supply of parts are among the other characteristics of SKN, so that in the conversations of machinery sellers, it is said that this product is provided by SabzKoosh Negin, so it has services.


In SKN, every product is presented with the same name that''''s offered from the producing country, so in the current fraudulent environment the customer can confidently purchase the product they need in SKN and trust the receipt, because mutual trust is one of the fixed and unchangeable values in our company.

SKN، امروز پس از حدود 20 سال سابقه مفید در زمینه ماشین آلات کوچک باغبانی و کشاورزی، مفتخر به این است که توانسته با نام خود در دورترین روستاها و شهرهای تمامی استان های کشور، و همچنین به واسطه برند BCS در کشورهای عراق، افغانستان و تاجیکستان نفوذ کند. ارائه خدمات پس از فروش در تمامی این مناطق از جمله افتخارات شرکت سبزکوش نگین است که تنها با تلاش بی وقفه و دلسوزانه تمامی پرسنل از بالاترین تا پایین ترین سطح میسر شده است.

شاخصه های شرکت


از ویژگی های خاص شرکت سبز کوش توجه به کیفیت و پرهیز از رقابت در حوزه تجارت با شرط کاهش کیفیت است و همواره تلاش دارد تا سطح کیفی را بالا و قابل قبول نگه دارد.


همانگونه که گفته شد ارائه خدمات پس از فروش و تامین قطعات از دیگر شاخصه های شرکت سبز کوش نگین است به گونه ای که در محاوره فروشنده های ماشین آلات گفته می شود که این محصول توسط شرکت سبز کوش نگین ارائه می گردد پس خدمات دارد.


در شرکت سبزکوش نگین هر محصول از هر کشوری با همان نام عرضه می گردد و در فضای کنونی که تقلب در بازار قبح خود را از دست داده در شرکت سبز کوش نگین با اطمینان مشتری می تواند کالای مورد نیاز خود را انتخاب کند و به نوشته روی دستگاه اطمینان داشته باشد این موضوع از ارزش های ثابت و تغییر ناپذیر در این شرکت بوده و می باشد.