Buying wheat and alfalfa reaper-binders

A reaper-binder, or binder, is a farm implement that improved upon the simple reaper. In addition to cutting the small-grain crop, a binder also 'binds' the stems into bundles or sheaves. These sheaves are usually then 'shocked' into A-shaped conical stooks, resembling small tipis, to allow the grain to dry for several days before being picked up and threshed.

The Reaper-binder which is driven by the power-take-off drive of the tractor and easily attached to the tractor by its three-point hitch is a very useful and practical machine that needs very little maintenance and it reaps and binds the crops such as wheat, wheat grained barley, oat, rye and leaves them collectively on the farm at regular intervals. The cutting height which is adjusted by its hydraulic sleeves automatically preserves its level in accord with the unevenness with the help of a spring.
The machine parts are protected with a safety mechanism against the possible overloads.

Favorable Advantages of Reaper Binder:
1. Wide application: It can be used for harvest rice, wheat, soybean, alfalfa, reed, and other hay straws with a low stem.

2. Cutting and bundling simultaneously, saving working time and labor.

3. Compact structure and small volume make it flexible and easy to control.

4. Lower stubble height is conducive to the future management of fields.

5. Knot automatically, strapping height and bundling size can be adjusted according to the height of crops.

6. An adjustable steering system makes the operation easy and convenient.

7. It can work normally regardless of the weather

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