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What is a Earth Auger ?

A hole digger is a device that stirs the soil by rotating a tool called a drill and digs it with a certain depth and diameter (certain volume) and transfers it out of the pit through a helix structure like a drill. According to the type of use, there are different hole diggers such as manual, motorized and tractor-mounted. The pits created by the digger are used for digging pits, planting trees, fencing, installing electric poles, etc. Although the use of hole drilling devices is simple, but like any other mechanical device, it requires safety precautions.

Safety tips for potholes
For this purpose, some safety tips regarding the correct use of the hole puncher are given below:

Failure to pay attention to safety tips can lead to irreparable damages. Above all, take care of the people around you.

Note: Never dig a hole with a hole drill in areas where there is a possibility of the electric cable passing under the ground.


1- Never turn on the drill without correctly installing the torque shaft.

2- Never remove the drill from the hole before turning it off.

3- Use the drill only in full throttle.

4- Never use a damaged or broken drill.

5- Keep your hands, feet and clothes away from the moving parts.

6- Make sure the safety parts are in place.

7- Make sure that no one is near the device.

8- Use safety glasses.

9- Check the amount of engine fuel and oil.



  1. The engine does not start.
  2. The latch key is closed.
  3. The engine stop switch is on OFF or O.
  4. The torque shaft is not installed on the end of the engine.
  5. The fuel tank is empty.
  6. Engine oil is low.
  7. The candle is burnt.

Failure to install or disassemble the drill

  1. Stuck foreign object
  2. The spring and button above the drill is twisted or broken.
  3. The adapter is bent.

The drill rotates very slowly and does not dig the ground.

  1. The downward pressure on the side wall of the hole is very high. Pull the drill back and allow the drill bit to rotate slightly at high rpm.

The power transmission system (gearbox) heats up.

  1. In power transmission systems, heating is normal. If it feels like the transmission is overheating, contact the factory or your nearest sales representative.

The drill rotates while the motor is idle.

  1. Do not use the device and immediately contact your nearest sales representative.

Any other possible problems

  1. Contact your nearest sales representative.
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