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The necessity of plowing and the role of tiller-cultivator

The main purpose of plowing is to break the resistance or hardness of the soil because the soil surface hardens over time as a result of irrigation, rainfall, movement of people and livestock, and agricultural operations. Plowing and tillage operations in agriculture can be compared with foundation operations in building construction.

Tiller-cultivators or plow women of Sabzkosh Nagin company:

These machines have both primary and secondary tillage capabilities, depending on the depth of the plow and its ability to be adjusted by means of the tension rod at the end of the device, that is, if they work at a shallow depth, they have cultivator capabilities and if they work at a high depth, they have tiller capabilities. For this reason, they are known as tiller-cultivators.

Classification of tiller-cultivators:
Based on the engine power: these devices are classified according to the engine capacity from 4.5 horsepower to 13 horsepower. Motor 168, motor 170, motor 173, motor 178, motor 186, motor 188, motor 192. The devices are selected according to the size of the land and the intensity of work. In choosing the type of device, the physical ability of the operator to control the device should not be ignored.
Based on the type of power transmission: the power transmission system of these devices is divided into two types: belt and gearbox. And in devices with high power and large size, the type of system is gearbox and power transmission is done by gears.
According to the type of fuel: it is divided into two types: diesel and gasoline. Usually, diesel engines have higher performance, but considering the availability of fuel and its costs, choosing a tiller is a matter of taste.
Based on working width: The working width of these machines varies from 50 cm to 130 cm. According to the amount of land and the type of cultivation, the device should be selected.
Based on the starting system: In terms of the starting system, it is divided into two types: electric and manual starting, and its choice is completely dependent on the operator's opinion.

Tiller- Cultivators of Sabzkosh Negin company are marketed under SKN, Veema, Kama, Victor and Smart brands.

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